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Pricing & Packages  for Therapeutic & Maya Abdominal Massage

Single Sessions
60 Minute Therapeutic Massage $120

90 Minute Therapeutic Massage $160

120 Minute Therapeutic Massage $200
120 Minute Maya Abdominal $200

Therapeutic Massage Packages


Three 60 Minute Massages $300

$100 per


Three 75 Minute Massages $375

$125 per


Three 90 Minute Massages $450

$150 per


Five 60 Minute Massages $475

$95 per


Five 75 Minute Massage $575

$115 per


Five 90 Minute Massages $700 

 $140 per

Maya Abdominal Massage Packages

Sessions are approximately 2 hours. 
Packages of three sessions or more can be purchased at $175 each. 
I recommend doing a package of four- $700. Receive one session per week. Depending on what support you are
needing a longer series of sessions may
be encouraged.

If you decide to not follow through with a package you may discontinue. You will however need to pay the non-package price for previous sessions received.

Cancellations -- I charge $60.00 for cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice.


Text: (831) 246-6224


Offices at Midline Integrative Health

& Vitality Wellness Center, Santa Cruz

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