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Welcome to Becoming the Rhythm Keeper, work of "Mind Body Medicine for Female-Bodied People". This work is about reclaiming and awakening the wisdom of the feminine through re-patterning the ways we relate to the female body.

Offers psychosomatic session utilizing physical therapy, craniosacral, energy work and  psychoanalysis.  

Sessions can cover a hollistic set of growth

edges, my work however centers around the

vocal , respiratory and pelvic diagraphm with

connecting women to their root and

repatterning thier relationship to their life force. 


Pelvic de-ararmoring 

Cervical de-armoring 

Jade egg work 

Pre-conception, fertility support

Pregnancy support 

Postpardum support 

Infant massage, infant physical therapy 

Lineage clearing

Packages/ courses:

Conscious concetion journey.

preparing the pelvis and parents for pregnancy and parenthood. Lineage clearing, womb alignment....nutritional consultation, kambo? Some of these things done not just by me. Maybe I have a spirit baby psychic medium. 

Cultivating Sexual Energy/Sexual Awakening:

Learn jade egg, ji gong practices as well as your pleasure anatomy , how to use your breath to channel it through your body, TRE, and set a safe container with yourself or you partner. Opening up the respiratory diaphragm. 



Steaming, Birth review process, bone binding, placenta

Menstrual Support:

From Tami Lyn Kent 

  • 5physical anatomy of the pelvic bowl & how to truly take care of pelvic health and the female body

  • 5why Kegels don’t work & how to cultivate a dynamic pelvic bowl

  • 5techniques for working with the internal fascia to restore organ alignment

  • 5organ energy anatomy of the pelvic bowl & moving energies held in the pelvic space

  • 5how to work with ovarian energy & feminine/masculine alignment to access the feminine field & true masculine

  • 5how to work with uterine energy & access both ranges of clearing and cultivating aspects of the womb

  • 5physical care & energy medicine for menstruation, pregnancy, birth & menopause

  • 5enhancing core creative vitality as a key to women’s wellness

  • 5vaginal mapping & interpreting the tension patterns of the pelvic bowl to heal or receive guidance

  • 5tools for working with emotional energy & imprinted patterns

  • 5tools for clearing & activating the energy potential of the root chakra

  • 5tools for working with & repairing trauma imprints (including reclaiming the pelvic bowl/vagina from sexual trauma)

  • 5moving out of 2-D patterns and into multi-dimensional forms

  • 5embodying the whole pelvic bowl to expand creative potential

  • 5working with the portal of the womb & using concepts like energy resonance in daily life

  • 5healing wounds of the womb such as birth loss, abortion or miscarriage

  • 5energetic preparation for childbirth

  • 5essential pelvic care for postpartum & postmiscarriage

  • 5techniques to address birth trauma imprints & repair the birth field/flow

  • 5learning how mothers can work with the birth flow for their children (or reclaim your own birth field/flow)

  • 5bringing healing to the mother or father lines & ancestral patterns or fractures

  • 5changing permission levels in the creative field to upgrade inherited patterns

  • 5practices to tap the profound medicine of the pelvic bowl


Deeper work such as Lingam Massage, Yoni Massage and G Spot Meditation are on offer



I want to do sexuality work but come at it from a very scientific side. 

Topics to be covered:

  • Taoist Tantric Arts for Female Bodied People (jade egg, ovarian breathing, breast massage, microcosmic orbit, breath work and toning)

  • Healing Birth Trauma (craniosacral?),

  • Creating a positive birth experience 

  • Cervical dearmoring, pleasure anatomy 

  • Maya-abdominal massage and holistic​ pelvic care

  • Conscious conception (clearing your lineage, communicating with spirit babies)

  • Postpartum practices (bone binding, vaginal steaming)

  • Accessing and embodying the wisdom of the menstrual cycle 

  • What to do with menstrual blood 

  • What to do with the placenta 

  • Natural fertility awareness methods.

  • The connection between our brain, gut, and the earth.

  • Infant massage, sensory and bodily development

  • Developing a seasonal, cyclical way of living in harmony with natures transitions

Trauma Work:

  • Breathwork

  • Dreamwork

  • Re-parenting

  • Trauma Release Exercises (T.R.E.)

Rights of Passage: ceremonial containers to honor & support times of transition such as:

  • Menarche

  • Motherhood

  • Menopause

  • Death

Mezodoses and sound healing journey's????

Ariel Giarretto, LMFT, CMT, CSB has been a body-oriented trauma therapist for many decades. On staff at the Esalen Institute throughout the 90's, she studied with some of the finest somatic teachers and sexuality experts. She is a full-time international faculty for Somatic Experiencing International, training professionals all over the world how to resolve the symptoms of trauma. She is trained as a bodyworker and is a certified Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker. She has extensive training in pre- and perinatal psychology, and attachment, and volunteered for many years as a doula. She works with couples and individuals desiring sexual or intimacy enhancement, as well as those who have experienced sexual abuse, infertility, traumatic births and invasive medical procedures. Ariel is passionate about supporting men and women of all sexual orientations and identities, including LBGTQIA in finding both ease, acceptance and ecstasy in their bodies, and healing the wounds of shame and long-term, intergenerational sexuality trauma. She practices in Oakland, CA. USA and is available for sessions and consultations at all levels. For information on her webinars and group consultations that focus on sexuality and sexual abuse, check out her website:

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