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Image by Mike Castro Demaria


Richard R.

"Mira deserves 10 stars. I've had hundreds of massages from dozens of practitioners over the years. Mira has what only those at the tippy-top, the 1% have: a sixth sense of how to find and release kinked muscles and stuck energy using a combination of techniques that range from firm and deep to almost ethereal. After a session with her, especially a full 90-minute session, I feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and alive. She's among the best of the best -- a true healer. Highly recommended."


Nancy Stewart 

"Mira's massage was extraordinary! 

With heartfelt praise, I highly recommend her unique blend of somatic therapies. felt as though her hands had ears and could listen to my skin. Conscious, caring, slow and deliberate Mira's massage was deeply healing and it wove a path of light through all tightness and constriction. She truly has a special way of infusing peace."


Jeanne Howard

"Mira Malcolm is an extremely gifted massage therapist. I knew that her parents own several spas and that she has grown up around a high standard for bodywork and wellness in general. She must have picked up a lot through osmosis because I don’t believe one can be taught all that she brings to her practice. For my first massage, she asked good questions, listened to my desires, and I felt it was worth every cent, and more. I felt grateful for her intuitive ability and presence. I have had many massages from many practitioners over decades and I highly recommend Mira."


Ian O'Bannion 

“Several weeks ago I had a massage session with Mira and to describe it as a treatment would be an understatement. It was a cure for hip pain I carried with me for over 18 months embodied in a superlunary experience that changed my life. Firstly from a physical perspective, I had been convinced after countless run-ins with physical therapists and doctors that my hip pain was just something I was going to have to deal with moving forward in my life, and as a young, active, healthy adult that diagnosis felt incredibly disheartening. After a full session with Mira, my hip pain was reduced to a dull purr and after a few days time, the pain had vanished completely and has yet to return in over 4 weeks. My mobility is at full speed and I feel like I have my life back again. Beyond the physical aspects, Mira provides an ethereal escape from one's own body through her work with touch, sounds, and settings. The process left me in a paradisiacal state both on and off the table that carried well after the session ended. The echoing soundscapes combined with her unique voice and touch take you through an emotional release akin to the most immersive of guided meditations, personally reshaping my depression and anxiety to feelings of oneness and harmony with the world around me. Her work truly transforms and transcends the physical, psychological and spiritual. I cannot thank her enough for the experience and look forward to many more!  


Mary Josephine

"They are not words, for the grateful blessing gift, of magical massage by Mira Malcolm. Every session is amazing. Every session is different. Knowledgeable, intuitive, vibrational energies, contribute immensely to a blissful massage. Hands of LIGHT and LOVE, go to spots needing healing touch. Professionally trained in multiple  modalities, plus sometimes the additional joy & honor of energies run and vibrational humming, add to a very special experience. I so appreciate these sessions. "



Text: (831) 246-6224

Vitality Wellness Center

1011 Center St. 

Santa Cruz, 95060

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