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Welcome to the work I am doing on"Psychosomatic Healing for Female-Bodied People". This work is about reclaiming and awakening the wisdom of the feminine through shifting the ways we relate to the female body and the earth.

This work assists female-bodied people to:

  • Learn psychosomatic practices that release trauma through body-based approaches utilizing breath, sound, and movement centered within the womb.

  • Cultivate intellectual and somatic awareness of your relationship to your roots, primal self, and femininity.

  • Attune your being and rhythms, to the natural world around you.

  • Learn how to live a life that is more in harmony with the natural world and the instinctive intuitive nature of your body. 

If you are interested in learning more please join my Youtube channel:

Topics currently being covered on the channel:

  • Accessing and embodying the wisdom of the menstrual cycle. 

Possible Topics to be covered:

  • Sexual trauma, sexual healing

  • Healing Birth Trauma, creating a positive birth experience 

  • Pelvic de-armoring 

  • Maya-abdominal massage and holistic​ pelvic care.

  • The teachings of cycles death and rebirth

  • The connection between our brain, gut, and the earth. 

  • Death and dying in relation to the feminine and the earth

  • Retrieving your lineage.

  • Attuning the body to the natural environment. 

  • The importance of rhythms

If you believe this is important and valuable work, and want to support me in making more educational content on this subject matter, consider staying connected and supporting me on Patreon. 


Embodying Earth's Rythms

Psychosomatic Healing

for Female-Bodied People


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