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Welcome to Becoming the Rhythm Keeper, work of "Mind Body Medicine for Female-Bodied People". This work is about reclaiming and awakening the wisdom of the feminine through shifting the ways we relate to the female body and the earth.

Topics to be covered:

  • Taoist Tantric Arts for Female Bodied People (jade egg, ovarian breathing, breast massage, microcosmic orbit, breath work and toning)

  • Healing Birth Trauma (craniosacral?),

  • Creating a positive birth experience 

  • Cervical dearmoring, pleasure anatomy 

  • Maya-abdominal massage and holistic​ pelvic care

  • Conscious conception (clearing your lineage, communicating with spirit babies)

  • Postpartum practices (bone binding, vaginal steaming)

  • Accessing and embodying the wisdom of the menstrual cycle 

  • What to do with menstrual blood 

  • What to do with the placenta 

  • Natural fertility awareness methods.

  • The connection between our brain, gut, and the earth.

  • Infant massage, sensory motor development

  • Developing a seasonal, cyclical way of living in harmony with natures transitions

Trauma Work:

  • Breathwork, Sound Journey's Utilizing Astrological and Seasonal Rythems 

  • Dreamwork

  • Trauma Release Exercises

  • Re-parenting

  • Trauma Release Exercises (T.R.E.)

  • Psychosomatic practices utilizing breath, sound, and movement centered within the womb.

Rights of Passage: ceremonial containers to honor & support times of transition such as:

  • Menarche

  • Motherhood

  • Menopause

  • Death

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extra phrase not sure what to do with:

  • Learn psychosomatic practices utilizing breath, sound, and movement centered within the womb to release trauma and restore health and vitality to one's being.


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Holistic Health

for Female-Bodied People

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